Pinch Pal              Pinch Pal
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The Pinch Pal® has been developed by a drummer for drummers 
with the aim of improving technique, while alleviating blisters and             
other painful side effects sometimes caused by drumming.  

       P:ich Pal on the Gig

Easy to use, the Pinch Pal® aids drummers by allowing them to focus
on  the finger control and balanced fulcrum needed to optimize
technical performance.           

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Wrap strap around your wrist..... put spacer in place and play on!

Simply practice with the Pinch Pal® in place and see your speed,
stamina and overall chops improve while fatigue, problem blisters
and pain disappear.                                                       

Great for Teachers, Students and Drummers of all levels. The
Pinch Pal® is a perfect gift for the favorite drummer in your life.    

Pinch Pal in use      Pinch Pal  

               Easy To Use                           Effective design             
                  Helps Build Technique        Improves muscle memory
                  Gets Rid of Blisters               No more pain, lots more technique

                  Free Excersice sheet            Great gift for Drummers      

            p.p           Pinch Pal  

                                     not suitable for children under 5 years of age.